UK Ancestry Visa

You can apply for an ancestry visa if you can satisfy the following;

  • Are a Commonwealth citizen
  • Are applying from outside the UK
  • Can prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK
  • Are able and planning to work within the UK


You must also satisfy the eligibility requirements;

  • Are 17 years or older
  • Have sufficient finances to support yourself and dependants without use of public funds

Proof of Ancestry 

As you can imagine it is not enough to just say that you are an ancestor of a qualified person, it is essential to provide documentary proof. As this can be a long process and there may be discrepancies in your information or loss of information because of time, we can assist you with collecting relevant documents. You may need to provide further documentation dependant on your circumstances. We can provide you with a full list of documents if appropriate.

Terms of Visa

Your visa is valid for 5 years, and can be extended for a further 5 years. If you have been in the UK for 5 years under this visa you can apply to live in the UK permanently.


You can apply for your dependant to come with you from outside the UK, or existing dependants that are currently in the UK can switch in to this category, it is more convenient if dependants apply at the same time as you, however this application can be made after you have made  your application.

Extend your Visa

You cannot apply from inside the UK but you can extend your visa from within the UK. You should include any dependants who are on your current visa on your application to extend. You must apply before your current visa expires.

Vincent Solicitors and Affordable fees

We cater to the needs of our clients by offering affordable fees and the option of flexible payment terms. If you cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of your instructions, we are happy for you to pay in instalments; we will accept half of the agreed fixed fee at the time of initial instructions with the balance to be paid upon submission of the application.

Vincent Solicitors and SRA Compliance

We are a firm of solicitors that is authorised and regulated by the SRA to provide immigration advice. Your matter will be dealt with by qualified immigration solicitors from instruction through to completion of your immigration matter. Get in touch for a free initial consultation.