Introduction to General Visitors

This section describes the different types of visitor visa, and helps you to choose the right one for your circumstances. If you come to the UK as a visitor, you are normally allowed to stay here for a maximum of 6 months. If you want to stay here for longer than 6 months, read the other categories in the Visa and Immigration section to see if you qualify for another type of visa.

Tourism and visiting friends

CATEGORIES: General Visitors; Child Visitors; ADS Visitors
PERIOD OF VISA: Usually maximum stay of 6 months
DO WE HELP: Yes! We can advise you on all documents and necessary application form.

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Immigration Picture CollectionOur Immigration Department is headed by Miss Najma Ali who is a specialist solicitor in the UK Immigration and Human Rights laws. She has been practising Immigration and Human Rights Law for many years and have gained vast knowledge and experience in this area of practice.

Miss Najma Ali having worked for various Highly Reputable Law Firms and having gained required experience, knowledge and skills as the Head of Immigration. She is very dedicated in provision of Immigration Legal Services to clients and almost all clients have his mobile number to contact in case of urgency should the need arise. She has always dealt with his clients’ immigration cases putting himself in their position and giving it importance from their point of view. She believes in giving 100% honest legal advice.

Free Immigration Advice

Our Immigration Solicitors can provide free general immigration advice subject to availability of our Immigration Solicitors and only for a time not exceeding 5 minutes via the following method:

  • Telephone: 0208 574 0666;
  • E-mail:; or
  • Emergency Contact: 07926172422.


Face to Face Consultation

A detailed immigration advice / full consultation concerning your immigration matter can be arranged for just £80.00 GBP. A detailed advice can be provided through face to face consultation in our office based in Southall, London.

We believe in giving honest advice about prospects of success in the case and under no circumstances would exaggerate chances of success in the case. Your attention will be drawn to the weaknesses and strenghts of the case so that the prospects of success can be increased if possible.

To find out whether there are good prospects of success in an application, immigration appeal or Judicial Review against a refusal of an application, you can arrange a detailed consultation whereby an immigration solicitor will be able to advise you on all aspects of your immigration matter.