Statutory declarations are generally used to allow a person to affirm something to be true for the purposes of satisfying some legal requirement or regulation when no other evidence is available. It is different from affidavits in that it is not administered under oath.

 Statutory declarations can be used for various purposes including:

  • Declarations of identity, nationality, marital status, etc. when documentary evidence is unavailable.
  • Declaring the intention to change one’s name.
  • Declaration of financial status
  • Eligibility to marry
  • Historical Ownership of property and rights over property when no documentary evidence is available.
  • Intention to gift money to relatives for property purchases
  • Affirming the provenance and nature of goods for export or import.
  • Statements of originality for patent applications.


Statutory Declarations can be prepared to suit the individual or corporate needs of our clients depending on the transaction involved.

Declarations have to be made before a justice of the peace or commissioner for oaths (solicitor).