Commercial Property

Residential Property

Immigration Services

Our Immigration Department is headed by our Team of experts dealing with all aspects of UK immigration, with a specialism in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Visa applications
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Residential Property

Moving home is stressful and we appreciate that. But our Specialist Solicitors will offer you a completely stress free service making your buying or selling process as easy as possible
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Commercial Property

Our dedicated commercial solicitors offer a reliable and efficient advice on your sale, purchase and leasing of commercial property. We also advice you on transfer of businesses
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Other Services

We offer you reliable help with Power of Attorney, Deed Poll, Trust Deed, Loan Agreement, Affidavits, Attestation, Tenancy Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, Oaths, etc
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    2. On how many occasions have you used our services?

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    C. Knowledge and Skill  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    D. Courteousness  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    E. Selection of services  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    F. Returning your calls  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    G. Response to queries  Excellent Satisfactory Poor

    7. How would you mark us in the following?

    A. The cost of concluding your matter  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    B. Obtaining an appointment  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    C. Feedback and explanations throughout  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    D. Quality and content of documentation  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    E. Length of time it took to conclude your matter  Excellent Satisfactory Poor

    8. How would you mark the overall service provided by the following?

    A. Persons dealing with your matter  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    B. Their secretary(ies)/Assistants, if any  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    C. Our reception Staff  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    D. Vincent Solicitors as a whole  Excellent Satisfactory Poor

    9. How would you rate our offices in the following categories?

    A. Access and location of office  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    B. Access to public transport and car parking  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    C. Exterior appearance and cleanliness  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    D. Interior appearance and cleanliness  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
    E. Disability access and facilities, If applicable  Excellent Satisfactory Poor

    10. Please use the space provided below for comments or suggestions that you may have to help us improve our services

    11. Please let us know what level of confidentiality or anonymity you would like us to apply to this questionnaire?

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