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We have a Professionally efficient, friendly and reliable conveyancing services who can provide an expert advice for anybody who is buying a residential house, freehold or leasehold property.

We are aware that for most of our client(s) buying a freehold or leasehold property is the single biggest financial commitment that they will ever make and hence we are committed to render our services in a smooth, professional, efficient and friendly manner.

We are committed to do everything possible to minimise the stress and anxiety and to protect your best interests throughout the transaction.  You will be allocated your own individual solicitor or case handler and supervising conveyancer responsible for progressing your purchase as quickly as possible and proactively keeping you advised of progress at all times.

We can accept your instructions for buying a property over the phone, online or through the post so you do not have to suffer the inconvenience of taking time out to come and see us.  Our service is intensely personal and delivered using the latest modern communications technologies so we are available and on-hand when you need us.

Transparency in pricing

We assist our clients to realise their dreams especially when they are buying a property.   Every penny will be accounted for and also we are aware that irrespective of our client’s situation and circumstances, they wish to keep their costs to a minimum.  Our transparent pricing policy helps our client(s) to plan their finances with certainty by giving them a fixed fee conveyancing quote up front. In the unfortunate event that if the sale does fall through for whatever reason(s), then we ensure our client(s) that they will only be responsible to our legal fees to the stage our service has been rendered and the payment towards disbursement costs.  All we request you is to give us an opportunity to provide you with our legal services in order to undertake your matter with an efficient and professional manner.

Keeping you informed

We are committed to inform you the reliable information and progress of the matter and we are aware that you wish to know what is happening and to make any arrangements necessary for moving home.  We provide all our clients with proactive calls, email updates and letters advising of the progress.

Exchanging Contract

Once the contract is exchanged then the parties are legally committed and together they form the binding contract. This will not only give you a degree of certainty but also the point at which you are fully legally protected.

We focus on achieving exchange of contracts as quickly as possible.  Under the Property law of England and Wales, prior to the exchange of contract either party(s) can still change their mind and the deal can fall through. Because of this, we are focused on your purchase in order to facilitate an exchange of contracts as quickly as possible.


On the day of completion, both parties have to fulfil the terms of the contract, that is the seller must vacate the property and execute a Transfer deed transferring ownership and the buyer must send the full purchase price (less the exchange deposit, if applicable or else the whole purchase price if the exchange and completion is facilitated simultaneously) by the time in the contract and the buyer takes possession of the property.

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